Mazda Tops The Charts

Please indulge our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa as we brag about our company and Mazda vehicles.  After receiving the latest report about how we are doing, we just had to share our news.  Here are some highlights:

Mazda is the only full-line automaker to have every 2017 model year vehicle rated a “Top Safety Pick+,” when equipped with optional front crash-prevention and specific headlights. Mazda is celebrating their fourth record-breaking sales month in a row.

The Mazda CX-5 continues to top the charts with a record breaking sales trend. Sales are up almost 6 percent.

Sales of the Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster are very strong posting a year-over-year (YOY) increase of 13.2 percent.

The three-row Mazda CX-9 is seeing an uptick in sales finishing the last month up 3.3 percent YOY.

Crossover SUVs continue to dominate the market and sales of Mazda’s CX-line are topping the charts with the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9 collectively reaching 15,201 vehicles sold one month.  That represents an increase of 4.3 percent YOY, and a YTD increase of 15.9 percent.

The All-Wheel Drive option remains a favorite with those selecting new cars from the Mazda CX-line, with 62.9 percent of customers choosing the AWD option last month.

Life Is Good At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

Sales are great at CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa.  We have new and used rides for every need and budget.  Come talk to our expert sales staff about our selection of vehicles.  Find a few that you like and take them for a test spin.  If you are lucky enough to already own a Mazda, we have a service team that can keep it like new for years to come. And we only use genuine  Mazda dealer auto parts!  Like we said, life is good at CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa.

Post Road Trip Care For Your Car

Summer road trips are the quintessential American event. They define summer and create memories for a lifetime.  At our Mazda Used Dealership, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we know how attentive you are to your ride before your cross country adventure.  We wonder how attentive you are once you’ve arrived home.  To ensure your Mazda keeps running at its best, we recommend that you tend to the following car maintenance items after your trip is over.

Check Oil and Other Fluids

The fluid levels in your car change drastically during a long road trip. Getting an oil change when you get home is the most important tip on our list. Driving with a trailer can cause your vehicle to use more oil than expected. Check oil levels, engine coolant and brake fluid.

Check Tire Quality

Tires heat up during long road trips. Make sure they are at the right air pressure level upon your return.  Take note of their condition to make sure they are not going bald or have a slow leak.  This is quite possible if you have been driving through unpredictable challenging terrain.

Do an Overall Regular Service

Engine and air filters can get really dirty on dusty roads. You’ve just racked up a lot of miles on your journey so check your maintenance schedule.  It might be a good idea to go ahead and make an appointment for an overall service check. This is your hedge to guarantee your car’s longevity.

CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa Can Do Your Pre and Post Trip Checkup

Our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, has one of the very best service departments in Arizona.  We can give your Mazda a thorough check before you take off as well as make sure all is good once you get back to Mesa.

A Star Is Born – SKYACTIV® Technology

Technology has always made a difference.  We know that at our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa.  You demand it and Mazda delivers it.  Mazda at its core is an engineering-focused, technology-driven automotive company.  As employees, no matter where we reside around the world, we  have a common bond: we love cars and love driving them.

About 10 years ago, Mazda set out to reinvent its technology suite with a mantra of  “the sky’s the limit”.  Mazda engineers were challenged to keep their vehicles lightweight and fun-to-drive but, they had to increase their efficiency and heighten their overall performance as well.  At this juncture, SKYACTIV® Technology was born.

Mazda’s technology, SKYACTIV®, was designed with the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom principle in mind to ensure all owners experience driving pleasure, as well as superb environmental and safety performance.  SKYACTIV®-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies integrates control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to blend and complement each element.  The result is a sense of connectedness between car and driver that differentiates Mazda vehicles from all others.

The 2013 Mazda CX-5, the first Mazda vehicle with a full integration of SKYACTIV® Technologies, set the trend going forward for the Mazdas we see today. Their bodies, chassis, suspension, engines and transmission encompass Mazda’s active and passive safety technologies and efficiencies.

This unified dynamic performance in combination with constant feedback and response from the braking system, steering wheel and accelerator, allows drivers to have the ultimate command and control of their vehicle.  It makes for a fun and precise drive.

You Are The Star At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

Whether you’re looking for a new Mazda or Used Cars in Mazda Mesa, we have it.  We’ll treat you like a star at CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa and make sure you drive home in the car of your dreams.

Our Favorite Research Institute In Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we do our research.  We know our Mazdas are the best.  After work, our Mesa dealer has also done its research and has discovered a research institute like no other.  If you’ve yet to discover the Beer Research Institute, let us tell you about it so you can go do your own personal research.

This story of two American entrepreneurs began in a garage in 2003 when their first batch of beer was made.  Maybe not their best work, but it was a beginning that sparked a passion that would become the Beer Research Institute.

The Brewpub opened in 2014 on a shoestring budget with 5 barrels.  Since then, owners Matt and Greg have been crafting their favorite beers and serving them with tasty from scratch food from their kitchen.  The vibe at the Beer Research Institute is much like Cheers.  It’s the place where people gather with their friends and family on a weekend.  It’s where co-workers go to chill out at the end of a hectic day to enjoy happy hour.  It’s where families come to celebrate life’s victories and events.  It’s the local tavern that has something for everyone and everyone is welcomed.  Passion, patience and a little bit of science and artistry is blended into every brew.  You’ve got to try some!

The Beer Research Institute is located at 1641 South Stapley Drive #104 in Mesa.  They are open Sunday-Thursday from 11am to 10pm and Friday & Saturday from 11am to Midnight.

Let Us Craft A Deal For You At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we’re known as the Mazda Used Dealership.  Let us help you find a great vehicle at a great price.  Stop by and take a test drive anytime.  Let’s make a deal today.

You Get A Car and You Get A Car!

Oprah repeated this phrase to her audience a few years ago.  Sure, who wouldn’t want a free auto.  In the real world, buying a new or used car is a big deal and big investment.  At our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we can help you make the best choice within your budget.  What we have noticed is a shift in who is buying.   Here are a few stats.

In the past, the 35-44 age demographic was the most likely car buyer. The times they are a changing and they are changing very fast.  Here are a few stats.

  • 62% of all new cars purchased are being bought by Baby Boomers in the United States. This age group was responsible for only 39% of all new cars sold back in 2001.
  • The percentage of new auto registrations in the 18-34 age demographic has fallen by almost 50%. It used to be 24% and now represents just 13% of the market.
  • Only 1 in 4 new rides will be purchased by people in the 35-49 age demographic.

Of course, income is the primary consideration when it comes to car buying. Typically we purchase as much vehicle as we can afford.  For many, that means buying used instead of new. We’re the Mazda Used Dealership in Mesa.  Given discretionary income, Baby Boomers, not the younger generation, should be targeted when marketing new cars.  CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa’s long-term play for Millennials is still a good investment, but it may take longer than expected to pay off.

Something For Every Generation At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa we make it a point to pay attention to what all of our customers are asking for.  We love Baby Boomers, Millennials and everyone in between.  Stop by to see us today.

Summer’s Last Hurrah

Where does the time go?  School will start soon and you’d like to get one more road trip in before then.  Our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, knows that proper planning goes a long way to ensure everyone has what they need and stays in good spirits along the way.  Here are some tips for prepping and packing for your adventure.

Pack your favorites.  Everyone should have a small tote or bag with items they can use to pass the time.  For kids, that might be coloring books, dolls or games.  For adults, this might be magazines, books or electronics.

A snack bin is a big must for any road trip.  Make everyone their favorites and put them in a snack sack.  Granola bars, pretzels, carrots, etc …

Keep a trash bag handy.  In fact, have a few for the back and front.  At every stop along the way, collect the bags and get another ready for the next leg of the trip.  Your car cabin will stay much more orderly and less stinky.

DVD Players or tablets can be a godsend on really long trips with kids.  Plug in their favorite movie or show and watch the fights and whining subside.  Peace on earth for a little while!

Overnight luggage should be packed with all of the stuff everyone will need for a night’s stay.  Doing this will keep you from having to drag each person’s luggage out of the car into the hotel.

Let Us Service Your Car At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we think the most important step in prepping for a road trip is servicing your car.  Let us do that for you.  Be assured we always use genuine Mazda dealer auto parts.  We wish you safe travels!

The 2016 Mazda3 Is Practically Perfect

Looking for a vehicle that is practical but does more than just serve as basic transportation?  The 2016 Mazda3 is practically perfect.  At our Mazda Used Dealership, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we highly recommend this comfortable, powerful yet fuel-efficient, sporty driving set of wheels.

The 2016 Mazda3 is available in four-door sedan and hatchback body styles. This compact sedan or hatchback is reliable, safe, roomy and packed with the latest and greatest technology.  Both body styles are available with  2.0-liter four-cylinder or 2.5-liter four-cylinder engines.

The remarkably well-tuned steering and suspension inherent in the Mazda3 encourages the driver to take even the tightest corners head on.  The car’s refined ride quality makes it enjoyable for highway travel as well as around town cruising.

The best-in-class interior of the 2016 Mazda3 is a showstopper.  The experts that deem what is best in class praise the Mazda3 for its intuitive layout and high-quality panels, materials and switches.  You’ll be hard pressed to find features like a head-ups display, adaptive headlights and adaptive cruise control in any of Mazda3’s competitors.

You can confidently plan on skipping a few fuel stops should you choose a Mazda3.  With an EPA estimated fuel economy of 34 mpg combined (30 city/41 highway) with the automatic transmission, you can keep on driving down the road!

Our Used Cars Are Like New At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we are known for Used Cars in Mazda Mesa.  You’ll swear our used Mazdas are brand new.  Let us make you a great deal on a 2016 Mazda3 or any of the many used as well as new Mazdas on our lot.  We stand behind them all.  Stop by and take a test drive.

Try These Amazing Craft Brews in Mesa

When we crave a cold craft brew at our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we head over to the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company.  Owners Jonathan and Patrick have a true passion for creating craft beer like no other.   They revere the vast diversity of our state allowing their love for Arizona to influence their vision for creating high quality, uniquely crafted beers. We dare you not to jump in your Mazda and head over to the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company to enjoy the following beers:

  • Jeff Smedstad 7.1% – An English Brown Ale with Roasted Jalapeno, Cinnamon, Anaheim, Poblano and Shishito Peppers.
  • Little Guy Rye 4.0% – A session rye pale with Nelson Sauvin hops.
  • Refuge IPA 6.8% – A West Coast IPA brewed with Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade and Columbus hops.
  • Roosevelt’s Double IPA 8.3% – The passing of the Wilderness Act and the Repealing of Prohibition inspired this progressive hop forward Ale. Belma, Ekuanot and Galaxy are showcased in the dry hop.
  • White Canyon Blonde Stout 6.7% – A Blonde Stout! We used the best cacao nibs (Zak’s Chocolate), lactose and a sunrise blend (Superstition Coffee Co.) and star anise to give it all the profiles of a traditional stout.  Notes of coffee and light caramel are prominent.
  • Juniper Mesa Arizona Dark Ale 5.9% – American Black Ale with flavors of mint, dark chocolate and pine from the use of locally sourced juniper berries and Northern Brewer, Mosaic (cryo powder/pellets), and Citra hops.

Let Us Craft A Deal For You At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa

At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we’ll blend our great selection of new and Used Cars Mazda Mesa with our expert sales team to create the perfect deal for you.  Come by and see us soon.

Are Consumers Willing To Pay For More Tech In Their Vehicles?

At our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we hear you and have noticed what you are gravitating toward in your selection of options for your new Mazda.  Consumers worldwide are expressing the same thing.  Everyone wants advanced, in-vehicle automotive technology.  The big question is, what is the tipping point regarding the consumer’s willingness to pay for it?

Over 5,000 vehicle owners across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany and China who planned to purchase a new vehicle in the next 36 months were surveyed by IHS Markit.  Data from the survey was the foundation for the 2017 Automotive Connected Services and Apps Consumer Analysis.

The Survey Results

Creature comforts topped the list of technological features respondents said they would be willing to pay for.  Vehicles with sunroofs & moon-roofs emerged as the most desired.  U.S. survey respondents seem willing to invest in a rear entertainment system.

Telematics will be added to new vehicles more than ever by 2022.  Half the world’s vehicles in operation will be connected to the Internet.  However, only 32 percent of respondents would be willing to pay for those telematics, including in-car WiFi.

Thirty-two percent of survey respondents want a roadside assistance feature in a new vehicle.  Almost 50 percent noted navigation apps as their top choice. Forty percent wanted weather apps and 30 percent would pay for music apps.  This represents a revenue-producing opportunity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto going forward.

CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa Has What You Want

Like we said, at CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa we’ve paid attention to what technology you are looking for in your ride.  If the car you select doesn’t have certain tech, ask us about Mazda dealer auto parts and technology we can install for you.

Road Tripping With Kids

It’s summer and that means it’s time for a family road trip.  At CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa, we recommend getting your car serviced with us.  We are the the leader in Mesa auto parts and service.  Just as important, make sure you have some games in mind to keep the kids engaged and behaved during the long car ride.  Who recalls these classics?

I Spy. “I spy with my little eye, something red.” This is the perfect easy-to-learn game for preschoolers.  You can keep them entertained for hours with this one.  In case you aren’t familiar with this classic, here are the directions: A person spies something and recites the line, ending in a clue. Everyone takes turns guessing the mystery item.

Road Trip Bingo. This game combines bingo with a scavenger hunt.  Give each kiddo a flat surface like a clipboard or hardcover book.  Give them a bingo card and a zip-lock bag with 16 pennies.  As players see an item on their card, they cover the picture with a penny.  The first player to cover all their squares in a straight line wins.

License Plate Game. This is a great game for everyone in the car.  Go old school and use a pad of paper writing down the name of each state plate you see until someone sees all 50 states.  Today of course, you can go online to get a free printable license plate game sheet and players can just cross off states as they see them.

Let CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa Service Your Car Before You Go

Our Mesa dealer, CardinaleWay Mazda Mesa wants you to stay safe on your next road trip.  Our dedicated service department can inspect and repair your ride before you take off.  Make an appointment today.