7 Benefits of Investing in a Used Mazda CX-90

New vehicles depreciate by about 33% in their first year. If this sounds frustrating to you, then buying a used Mazda cx-90 may be the perfect solution for you. A used vehicle offers the same style, performance, safety, and reliability as a new one. 

You also get the added advantage of saving money, more value, and a better long-term investment. There is no better time than now to make your used vehicle purchase. Enjoy these seven benefits with your used Mazda CX-90. 

1. Lower Environmental Impact

Environmental impact and responsibility are at the forefront of cultural conversation these days. Buying a used vehicle is a small way of positively impacting the climate.

Manufacturing new vehicles creates a large carbon footprint and uses a significant amount of resources. By buying a used vehicle, you promote the reuse of already-produced materials. 

2. Lower Purchase Price 

The purchase price of a used vehicle is less than a new one. However, this is not the only way you will save money when buying a used Mazda. If you need to finance your vehicle, you will also save here. 

Generally, it is easier to secure financing for a used vehicle. In addition, the rates tend to be more favorable. You can further improve your loan terms by making a sizable down payment. 

Because the overall price is lower, your initial payment will significantly impact the financing terms. It will also lower your monthly payment. 

Mazda Sales, Specials, and Promotions 

You can often find manufacturer promotions offered for used vehicles. If you time the purchase of your vehicle right, you can secure one of these promotions that will make your used vehicle purchase even sweeter. 

3. Have Buying Confidence 

When you buy a used Mazda vehicle, you can have confidence in the support that backs your new purchase. You can buy a certified used Mazda. This means the dealership performed a series of tests and reports to ensure the quality of the vehicle. 

You can have confidence in your purchase that the dealership will stand behind the sale. If there is a problem, you can bring the vehicle to the service center for repairs.

While certified used vehicle programs vary, you get a few guarantees with the Mazda program. These are the best-maintained vehicles that pass a 160-point inspection. Once passed, a certified pre-owned vehicle comes with several benefits: 

  • 12 month/12,000-mile limited warranty 
  • 7-year/100,000 limited powertrain warranty 
  • Zero deductible on covered repairs
  • 24- hour roadside assistance 
  • Autocheck vehicle history report 
  • Transfer of benefits 
  • Complimentary 3-month SiriusXM trial 

You do not get this certification when you buy a used car from a private owner or non-Mazda dealer. However, you can still bring your used Mazda to the dealer for expert repair and service. 

Manufacturer Recalls 

It is an unfortunate fact of life that vehicles have manufacturer recalls. If you own a new vehicle, you will have to monitor these and get the issues addressed on your car. However, if you buy a vehicle that is a few years old, the time when the majority of these issues come out has passed. 

Buying a certified used vehicle comes with the greater benefit of knowing the dealership addressed the recalls during their inspection. 

4. Greater Value Investment  

When you work with a budget, you find yourself limited to vehicles that fit within that budget. When new car vehicle shopping, this can seriously damper the shopping process. You may find that your budget does not allow for all the features and options you want. 

Because used vehicles have already experienced a year or more of depreciation, your budget has more buying power. This means you can get one or more of your desired features and options. Ultimately, you get more value for your investment. 

5. More Options 

When shopping around, you want to have plenty of vehicle options. You do not always get this when shopping for new vehicles, as limited supply can hinder offerings. However, this tends to be less of an issue when shopping for a used vehicle. 

The used vehicle market is large, and you are able to look in more places for your dream vehicle. Perhaps there is a particular engine that you want. Or maybe you want your vehicle to be a particular color. 

6. Long-Term Value Holding 

When you buy a brand-new vehicle, you pay for it at its peak price. During the first year, new cars lose the most significant amount of their value, anywhere from 20 to 33%. This is the most significant drop in depreciated value that you will see. 

After the first year, the depreciation slows to about 10 to 14% per year. This drop in value continues steadily for the next four years.

At the five-year mark, depreciation slows down to the point of essentially stopping. It is not until the car reaches ten years old that you see another drop in value. 

Buying a used Mazda car that is a few years old will minimize your investment loss to depreciation. In addition, the depreciation you experience will be less and slower than if you bought new. 

7. More Affordable Insurance 

Mazda vehicles tend to have solid safety ratings. The Mazda CX-90 continues this tradition with a favorable safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). A benefit of driving a safe vehicle is that your insurance rates are more affordable. 

In addition, driving a used vehicle also brings lower insurance rates. Insurance companies quote coverage rates based on the age of the vehicle. So, the newer the vehicle, the more expensive the insurance. 

In addition to lower insurance rates, owners can enjoy lower registration fees. This makes owning and driving a Mazda CX-90 more affordable in the long term. 

Buy a Used Mazda CX-90

If you are ready to purchase a new vehicle, consider a used one. The multiple benefits that come with a used vehicle purchase can far outweigh the cache of buying a new one. A used Mazda CX-90 can retain its value long-term while giving you and your family safe and reliable transportation. 

Find the perfect used Mazda CX-90 for your next vehicle purchase.